CHPHP Programs

 1.  CHPHP Routes for Homeless People.  Mondays, in Venice, CA, CHPHP volunteers assemble and distribute grocery lunch bags directly to children, women and men in need.
CHPHP Routes for Homeless People flyer, please click here.

2.  CHPHP Outreach for People In Need Program.  As supplies permit, goods and services are given directly to people in need.

3.  CHPHP Adopt A Family Program.  Popular during the holidays and available all year, this program connects donors with specific families in need all anonymous.

4.  CHPHP Adopt A Teen Program.  Popular during the holidays and available all year, this program connects donations with specific homeless teens and children all anonymous.

5.  CHPHP Rent Supplement Program.  These funds enable families to maintain their apartments and avoid homelessness.

6.  CHPHP Funds for People In Need.   An emergency program assisting those in crisis.

7.  CHPHP Animal Outreach Program.  Provides pet food and care products to pets of people in need.

8.  CHPHP Community Picnics and Softball Games.  On "National Make A Difference Day", the last Saturday in October, CHPHP works with young people, their parents, schools and scout troops to organize Community Picnics and Softball games.  Sponsorship is appreciated from restaurants, businesses and individuals.

9.  CHPHP Theater Program Highlights:  "From the Ashes... The Storyteller"  Available in DVD and VHS (83 minutes).
"Best Documentary", Hollywood Underground Film Festival, May, 2002.    
"From the Ashes... The Storyteller", Ron Taylor, the Storyteller, relates true stories showing the interconnectedness of us all- including stories of Abraham Lincoln, the grandfather and grandson, our President; our only President to become homeless; and why Jesse James is buried face down.  Directed by Christine Schanes.  Filmed and edited by Baird Bryant.
Perfect for home and curriculum.
For more information and to see the trailer, please click

10.  CHPHP Transitional Counseling Program.  Helps people in need with changes.

11.  CHPHP Thanksgiving In A Box Program.  With a turkey certificate and canned/packaged/dry foods, CHPHP prepares a wonderful feast in a box, bag or basket at Thanksgiving

12.  CHPHP Speakers Bureau.  Speakers are available by appointment.

Nos Amis/Our Friends, Inc.  Children Helping Poor and Homeless People (CHPHP)  2554 Lincoln Blvd., #522  Venice, CA 90291
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