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Nos Amis/Our Friends, Inc.
Children Helping Poor and
Homeless People (CHPHP)
2554 Lincoln Blvd., #522
Venice, CA 90291
Phone:  (310) 840-4777
Phone:  (800) 333-4349

CHPHP Newsletter

Volume 2, Issue 3

March 18, 2003



Available on DVD and VHS!

From The Ashes... The Storyteller is now available on DVD and VHS for $19.99 each. It's time to get your own copy of this Winner of Best Documentary, Hollywood Underground Film Festival!&nbspFor further information, call (310) 280-3131, visit www.fromtheashes.com or email: fromtheashes@earthlink.net.

Raise Awareness Sunday, May 4, 2003

1st Annual CHPHP
Aimless Walk-A-Thon

Join in a unique awareness-raising event by participating in the 1st Annual CHPHP Aimless Walk-A-Thon on Sunday, May 4th! We will raise funds for people in need and raise awareness about the root causes of hunger, poverty and homelessness.
      The Walk-A-Thon will end at 3 pm at Clover Park, 2700 Ocean Park Blvd., Santa Monica with a Pizza Party and Finishing Ceremony for all participants. There will be a drop-off for completed "Activities To Do Lists".
      In the next edition of this Newsletter, CHPHP will be publishing an optional "Activities To Do List" so that participants in the Aimless Walk-A-Thon will have the opportunity of experiencing what it is like to be homeless. For example, we will ask that while participants are walking aimlessly, they find free water to drink, find a free bathroom to use, visit the public showers in Memorial Park, 14th and Olympic, in Santa Monica and see the conditions of these showers...
      By participating in this event and walking as many minutes, hours, blocks or miles as you wish, you will learn first hand what it is like to be homeless. See for yourself what services are available to help those in need.
      To enter, just make your check payable to CHPHP in the amount of the suggested donation of $5 per student, $10 per adult or $25 per family with any additional donations and sponsorship and mail to CHPHP at 2554 Lincoln Blvd., #522, Venice, CA 90291.
      Participants are encouraged to find sponsors to donate to CHPHP in support of their efforts. If you cannot take part in the Walk-A-Thon, we urge you to sponsor someone to walk for you.
      Please join CHPHP on Sunday, May 4th, anytime, anywhere and walk as many minutes, hours, blocks or miles - maybe just around Clover Park - as you wish.
      Join CHPHP for a day of Aimless Awareness! For further information, contact CHPHP at (800) 333-4349.

Sharing Love

Two tremendous teachers, Audrey and Kenn, are getting married. With their wedding invitation, they have included the following note: "Audrey and Kenn have only a need for your kind thoughts and well wishes. While we would appreciate any gift offered, it would mean much to us for you to consider giving to your favorite charity or to Children Helping Poor and Homeless People (CHPHP)."
      It is with sincere gratitude that we thank these wonderful people for sharing the gift of their love. Audrey and Kenn, may your lives together be filled with the love that you share! Thank you.

Understanding the Issues

After listening to Christine of CHPHP speak to their 5th Grade Class at Center for Early Education, a number of students expressed their feelings about what they had heard.
      Lyric writes, "Thank you so very much for coming to our school and talking to us about homelessness. It was so interesting that I actually got to hear a real story about how Ron became homeless. I liked learning about how many children and adults are homeless and how it grows. I also liked learning about the law they are trying to pass in Santa Monica. I agree with you, I also think the law is "Un-American". Thank you again for coming."
      Bernie shares his thoughts, "Thank you very much for coming to 5AB to teach us things about homelessness. I learned a lot when you came and I am eager to help people in need. It was very nice of you to come to teach us things about homelessness and to help people who need help. I hope you win your case. I think I speak for all the students in 5AB when I say that I support you all the way. Again, thank you very much for bringing so much important knowledge into my mind."
      Olivia writes,"I graciously appreciate you coming to my class. I can't even tell you all the things I learned. As you spoke my head was popping like popcorn with ideas about how I can help. I would be over- joyed to help you. So thank you once again for coming to my class, you have opened my eyes to see something very special about homeless people."

From the Ashes...The Storyteller

LA Marathon Winners!

On March 2, 2003, Carlthorp School faculty members, Marianne, Bill, Nadia, Lis and Jackie, completed the LA Marathon! School families pledged cans for each mile for each of the participants and a total of over 2,000 cans of food were raised and donated to CHPHP for people in need.
      The Marathon runners/walkers said that it helped them to get through the most challenging last few miles knowing that they were doing this to help others!

Lis, Marianne and Jackie

CHPHP congratulates Marianne, Bill, Nadia, Lis and Jackie for their success of completing the LA Marathon. We are so very grateful to you, Runners, for inspiring so many to help the least fortunate among us.

Bill and Nadia

And we thank the Members of the Carlthorp School Community for supporting the wonderful efforts of these mighty Runners by donating cans for hungry, poor and homeless people. Your donations of canned food are life-saving tributes to these wonderful people who have made it a tradition to run for those in need.

Neighborhood Youth Association (NYA)

Once again this year, Margie, Youth Development Coordinator for Neighborhood Youth Association (NYA), invited Christine of CHPHP to speak to the wonderful NYA students - always a true delight for Christine. The students responded to her call for help by beautifully decorating shopping bags and filling them with clothing and toiletries for homeless children, women and men. The following are some of the comments that these marvelous students had about helping those in need.
      "When CHPHP came to NYA, I learned a lot of people are homeless and a lot of kids are homeless with their families. And they can help the homeless people when other people put food and clothes in a bag." - Jose C., age 12
      "Helping the poor is something good. When you help somebody you show kindness. When you are kind, you care and when you care, you give. Helping the poor and homeless is like helping a family out. When I was putting the clothes into the bag, I felt happy and I felt that I was giving a very special thing to a very special person." - Fernando L., age 11
      "The best part I like was putting the clothes in the bags. I felt good about it because you are giving clothes that they don't have."- Giovanni, age 11
      "I feel so sad and when I see the people help the poor people, I feel good. And when I see people on the ground and I eat my food, I feel bad." - Maricruz, age 7
      "When I was making the bags I felt happy because homeless people don't have clothes and they are cold out in the streets."- Christian, age 9
      "When I put clothes in the bags, I felt good because those people are going to feel good, too." - Jorge, age 10
      We thank the students, teachers and families of NYA for their outpouring of compassion!

Did You Know?   Since 1985, the richest 5 percent of American families have received a larger share of the nation's income than the poorest 40 percent. The State of America's Children, Children's Defense Fund, 1998, p. 3.

  The ultimate measure of a person is not where he or she stands in moments of comfort, but where he or she stands at times of challenge and controversy.
- Martin Luther King, Jr.

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