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Nos Amis/Our Friends, Inc.
Children Helping Poor and
Homeless People (CHPHP)
2554 Lincoln Blvd., #522
Venice, CA 90291
Phone:  (310) 840-4777
Phone:  (800) 333-4349

CHPHP Newsletter

Volume 1, Issue 3

November 7, 2002



Own Your Own Copy Of
"From the Ashes...
The Storyteller"

For just $25.00 (includes tax, shipping and handling), purchase your own VHS copy of "From The Ashes... The Storyteller", Winner, "Best Documentary", Hollywood Underground Film Festival, May 2002!

Please send your check payable to Labor of Love Productions, Inc. to Labor of Love Productions, Inc. at 2554 Lincoln Blvd., #1006, Venice, CA 90291. Delivery within one week.

We know that you will enjoy this film!  For more information, please visit: www.fromtheashes.com

News of CHPHP Programs

      We thank all of the CHPHP volunteers who are participating in the CHPHP Routes for Homeless People Mondays from Carlthorp School, Scout Troops, Our Lady of Malibu, Crossroads Middle School, Crossroads Elementary School, Brentwood Elemenary School, Vista Day Treatment Center, Viewpoint School, Notre Dame Academy, Harvard-Westlake, Santa Monica College, Marymount High School, U.C.S.B. and New Roads School! Many, many thanks to all!
      Thanks to everyone for your help and inspiration! Rachel so thoughtfully asked her guests to bring can goods for people in need for her Birthday Party, which they did.  For responding with emergency groceries for a specific family in need, we thank Ellen, Maureen, Cindy, Renee, Anita and Kathy and the Our Lady of Malibu School Community.   Zoe generously donated $135 she received as Birthday Gifts. Thanks to the Carlthorp School Community for $205 raised through their drive, Pennies From Heaven.
     We appreciate all of the wonderful toiletry bags collected and assembled with summer by Crossroads Middle School students which are being given directly to our guests by Crossroads Elementary School students.   We thank Brentwood School for the juices, granola bars and apples every Monday.  To Scout Troop 521 and Leader, Barbara, thank you for the wonderful toiletry gift bags.
      Ron Taylor and Christine Schanes appreciated the opportunity to speak recently to the students of Crossroads Elemenary School, Park Century School and Santa Monica College!  It was our pleasure!

Santa Monica Mayor Mike Feinstein and
Anneke, Molly and Lily at a Protest

CHPHP Protests SM Law Against Charitable Giving of Food

      On October 22, 2002, the Santa Monica City Council passed several ordinances which impact homeless people.  One of the laws prohibits the charitable giving of food in a City park or on the City Hall lawn to groups of 150 people without City authorization.  
     On three Tuesdays in September and October while the Santa Monica City Council held hearings about this law, CHPHP volunteers joined hundreds of housed and unhoused people protesting the passing of this law.  We thank Sue, Molly, Christine, Lily, Trish, Anneke, Laurie, Steve, Rachel and Noah for all of your help with serving wonderful dinners and protesting.
      The law against the charitable giving of food will be enforced beginning January 1, 2003.   There will be a constitutional challenge to this law most probably in federal court.  In 1992, the City of Santa Monica passed a similar law and it was struck down in federal court seven months later as a violation of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.
      CHPHP is a legal program serving people in need in Santa Monica for nearly 16 years and we will continue to do so.   CHPHP now serves people in need throughout California, Oregon and expanding into Arizona.
      For further information and to help, please call CHPHP at (310) 840-4777.

Did You Know?   There are nearly 3 million children in the State of California who go to bed hungry every night.  The food thrown away every day in the City of Santa Monica alone would feed these hungry children.

  "We live in a world where poverty, hunger and homelessness exist only because we allow it!" - Ron Taylor

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