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Nos Amis/Our Friends, Inc.
Children Helping Poor and
Homeless People (CHPHP)
2554 Lincoln Blvd., #522
Venice, CA 90291
Phone:  (310) 840-4777
Phone:  (800) 333-4349

CHPHP Newsletter

Volume 1, Issue 4

November 23, 2002



Come and Enjoy
"From the Ashes...
The Storyteller"

     Beginning Friday, December 13th and running for 7 days including December 19, "From The Ashes... The Storyteller" will be screened at the Laemmle Monica Theatre on 2rd St. in Santa Monica, time to be announced - probably in the AM.&nbspFor further information, please call (310) 280-3131, email fromtheashes@earthlink.net or visit www.fromtheashes.com.
     See you at the movie! 

CHPHP Volunteer Center

      We are closer to our goal of a CHPHP Volunteer Center because the CHPHP Building Fund has increased to $75,000 due to the generosity of the Lemelson & Morse Family Foundation who have increased their contribution to $25,000. &nbspWe thank our young donors, Noah and Zoe, for inspiring all of us! &nbspOnce in operation, the CHPHP Volunteer Center will involve hundreds of young people, with adult advisors, in 21 programs helping thousands of people in need every month!

News of CHPHP Programs

      CHPHP thanks our wonderful donors: Susan; Bob; Susie, John, Rebecca and Jessica; a long over-due pubished Thank You to the 2nd Grade Class at Echo Horizon School for funds raised at their Garage Sale - a second annual event!; Happy BIrthday to Bob! &nbspWith gratitude to Joan and Jane, Eric, Ben Beth and Elaine for their generous donations in Bob's honor.
      As we approach Thanksgiving, we give thanks for the help of all of our voluteers, including those who are serving CHPHP year after year "behind the scenes" - Barbara, for ordering our food every week from the LA Regional Foodbank; Yolanda, for delivering that food; Jefff for ongoing consultations; Trisha for all your efforts and the Members of our Board of Directors for your guidance.
      We thank everyone for your thoughtful donations! &nbspFor several weeks, the CHPHP Route for Homeless People had no cans of tuna packed in water - so we thank Evergreen Preschool, Our Lady of Malibu School, Carlthorp School and Crossroads School for thousands of cans of healthful tuna!  We thank all of the school communities that did candy drives, including Kenter Canyon School, Canyon Charter School, Crossroads School, Our Lady of Malibu School, and Brentwood School.
      Thank you to all participants in the CHPHP Route for Homeless People from Soka University, Crossroads School, Santa Monica College, Our Lady of Malibu School, UCLA, Calmont, Carlthorp School, Malibu High, El Manho, Viewpoint School, Brentwood School, Vista Day Center, Beverly Hills High School, St. Anastasia School, Sierra Canyon Middle School, Castaic Middle School, Live Oak, Marquez Elementary School, Summit View, UCSanta Cruz, Archer School for Girls, Marymount High School, U. of Redlands, Olympic High School, University High School, Hamilton Academy of Music, Notre Dame Academy, Hillside School, Center for Early Education and Temple Emmanuel.  Thank you, one and all!!!
      A special note of thanks to the Brentwood students who carefully analyzed our order from the LA Regional Foodbank and determined that while we spent $128.10 for 915 pounds of food (each pound is only $.14), the retail value of the food in our order well exceeded $1,500.00! &nbspA super value!

Gary and Katherine

More News

      CHPHP Thanksgiving In A Box Program is well underway!  Everyone interested in supplying a Thanksgiving Feast for people in need, can do so easily - just assemble a basket, box or bag with non-perisable foods for the season and a food certificate in the amount of $15 or more for a turkey/ham/vegetarian main dish.  Contact CHPHP before our distribution days - Monday and Tuesday, November 25 and 26.
      The CHPHP Adopt A Teen Program recently helped send a homeless teenager back to his family.  Just 18 years old, "Kirk", left Arizona and came to California to work.  When he lost his job and ran out of money, Kirk became homeless for two weeks - the "worst two weeks of my life", he said.
      A CHPHP volunteer referred Kirk to us for help.  After assessing the situation, we purchased the $120 bus ticket so that Kirk could take the 13 hour trip home.  Kirk has called CHPHP on our toll-free number and told us he is now living with his family and has a new job!  Kirk is very grateful to be off the street.

Soka University Works with CHPHP

      Tons of help, 100 blankets and a lovely letter from Soka University... "Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with your organization last week.  All of our students and I had a memorable experience and it was amazing to get a glimpse of the problems with homelessness and poverty.  I encouraged my students to think of ways to help the homeless when they get back to Japan.
      Your story about how your son and daughter started the organization was an inspiration for our students to realize that it is not so difficult to help if you care.  Many of the students said that it was their first time meeting and talking to a homeless person, and they said that they would like to help, given in the opportunity, in the future.
      Thank you so much for allowing us to join you in your efforts, and I hope to work with you again. Katy"
      And Thank You, Soka University!

CHPHP Across the USA

      CHPHP sends our thanks to Willow Hall Academy Community in Franklin, Tenn.; St. Scholastica Academy Community in Covingon, Louisiana; the P.E.A.C.E. Club; Trinity Episcopal Church in Conn. and our young friend in Chicago, Ill. for contacting CHPHP and helping people in need!

Did You Know?   777,000 adults in Los Angeles County are living under the threat of hunger or actually experiencing hunger. - California Health Interview Survey, 2001, UCLA Center for Health and Policy Research, November, 2002.

  "Justice for so much of the world's people begins with a piece of bread."
- Susie Curtiss

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