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Nos Amis/Our Friends, Inc.
Children Helping Poor and
Homeless People (CHPHP)
2554 Lincoln Blvd., #522
Venice, CA 90291
Phone:  (310) 840-4777
Phone:  (800) 333-4349

CHPHP Newsletter

Volume 5, Issue 4

October 24, 2007



A New, Totally Secure Way
To Help!

Donate Now -
Just Click Donate Button
Thank you!

CHPHP asks for your donation so that we can continue to educate and involve young people and adults as we help children, women and men in need.

By clicking on the Donate button above, you will immediately be connected to the totally secure services of Paypal where you can donate to CHPHP using your major credit card.

Just fill in the amount of your donation in the "Price" column. The quantity should be 1.

Paypal will immediately make a receipt for your donation and you can print it out for your records.

Also, Paypal will immediately send you an email confirming your donation.

Further, by filling out the shipping information, CHPHP will "ship"/send you our tax-deductible receipt in the US mail for your donation with our sincere thanks to you!

We hope that this new, totally secure, convenient way to donate to CHPHP will inspire everyone to help children and adults in need. Thank you!

Please Help Fire Victims
With Cash, Gift Cards
and Cars

CHPHP is collecting financial donations, gift cards from Target and Wal-Mart as well as supermarket cards to help the victims of the Southern California wild fires.

Also, if you would like to donate a vehicle, please contact CHPHP.

Can you help?

Donations can be made in three ways.

First, donations can be made by clicking on the Donate button above and using your major credit card.

Second, you can send your donation by check payable to CHPHP to: CHPHP at 2554 Lincoln Blvd., #522, Venice, CA 90291.

Third, just give CHPHP a call at (800) 333-4349 to discuss how you would like to make your donation.

On behalf of the fire victims you are helping, we thank you. Thank you!

Thanksgiving In A Box

Once again, CHPHP is preparing for its Thanksgiving In A Box Program! All those who would like to participate, please contact CHPHP by phone at (800) 333-4349 or (310) 840-4777.

To donate a Thanksgiving In A Box, collect canned and packaged foods appropriate for the season and include a gift card valued at $15 or more from Ralph's or a major grocery store so that the recipient family can purchase the main course.

Place each Thanksgiving In A Box feast plus gift card in a basket, box or bag. Please contact CHPHP to arrange for time and place of your delivery.

Any number of Thanksgivings In A Box are welcome. The secret of the CHPHP Thanksgiving Program is that not only are the recipient families able to have a wonderful Thanksgiving feast, but they are also able to use the groceries and gift card purchased main course for an entire week!

Please help provide a Thanksgiving feast to a family in need. Thank you!

In Memory of our Friend, Gary

CHPHP Volunteer Center

By Ellen

Our dream is to receive a donated building which will be a center for all of our volunteers to come and provide services for the poor and homeless people within our community.

Our unique center will be a collection place for clothes, food and other household items. Our volunteers will sort and place the items in our sorting wall, food pantry or thrift shop. Other volunteers will come and distribute the items to people in need within our community.

Our center will provide space for our mentoring, peer tutoring and literacy programs. Volunteers will work one on one with poor and homeless shelter children and will tutor them in school subjects.

Our center will schedule cultural programs such as concerts or performances by one of the schools/groups/individuals. The residents of homeless shelters will be invited to enjoy uplifting entertainment.

Our center will provide space for a library, law center, job finding center, audio visual room, arts and crafts room and nursery to be used by our volunteers and residents of homeless shelters.

Presently, there is no volunteer center where students, teachers and parents can come on any given day to help their community. Isn't it time we create one? We can't do this alone. Call or email us with your ideas and contributions. You can be part of this one of a kind experience.


Initiate...means to go about the initial steps in doing a task. Our task is to develop a volunteer center. Following are some practical steps you can take to make our center happen.

Corporate Sponsorship: A yearly grant for the startup and maintenance of the CHPHP Volunteer Center. Amount will go into a general fund or can be earmarked for any one of our programs:

Collection Programs include: Routes for Homeless People, Outreach Program for People in Need, Thrift Shop, Holiday Gift Basket Program, Animal Outreach Program.

Improvement Programs include: Mentoring, Arts and Crafts Program, Peer Tutoring Program, Peer Computer Training Program, Literacy Program, Job Tracking and Placement Program.

Cultural Programs include: Theater Program, Concert Program, Library, Law Center.

Small Business Profit Sharing: If you own a small business you can link your web site to ours. Our website will feature a section called Shop CHPHP. Our many volunteers can purchase your product or services and in turn you will donate a percentage of the item cost to CHPHP. Contact us at chphp@earthlink.net to discuss the possibilities.

Personal Event Fundraising: You can organize a yard sale, block yard sale, lemonade stand or bake sale in your neighborhood or school and donate profits to the start-up cost of our Volunteer Center. Contact us at chphp@earthlink.net to discuss the possibilities.

Donations can be earmarked for your particular interest or program. It's our hope that you will maintain your interest in that program and eventually be one of our volunteers making it happen in our Volunteer Center. Donations are tax deductible. If everyone does their part, our Volunteer Center will be built and together we can help poor and homeless children and adults.

Did You Know?  

"School Breakfast in American's Big Cities" published by Food Research and Action Center (FRAC) has reported:

There are nearly 700,000 students in the LA Unified School District (LAUSD), 61.3% of which are eligible for free school meals;

187,290 low income LAUSD students participate daily in free/reduced priced breakfasts;

The LAUSD has a "second chance" breakfast program, in which the students who missed the early breakfast can catch it later in the morning (between 9 and 10 am); and

70.1% of students in LAUSD are eligible for either a free or reduced priced meal, compared to 71.2% for New York City Dept. of Education, and 45% for Portland School District, Oregon.

...Mind, body and spirit act in concert to determine health and well-being.
- Dr. Carl Thoresen

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